Monday, June 7, 2010

The Donovans Invade Daytona

Oh my goodness what an amazing trip! Sean's parents rented a truly unbelievable penthouse condo for us in Daytona for an entire week, resulting in lots of laughter and fun! As always, everyone was a good sport and humored me behind the camera, and (as always) Landon and Donovan made for precious photos! I've included a few photos that I consider my favorites, which was hard considering the variety I had to choose from! I look forward to October when these two will become a big brother and big sister to Baby Rainey #3, and can't wait to photograph the new family of 5!! But until then, these pictures will do! Much love to you all!

Just playing on the patio one evening...

Looking for periwinkles! We spent a good deal of time digging the little guys out of the sand!
The first evening on the beach...she became much braver the next day!

The whole crew! Thank you timer and random tall pole on the beach :)

Grandparents with the Grandkiddos

The Rainey's!

I think I blinked ;)

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