Friday, March 26, 2010

Landon and Donovan at the Beach

Okay, so I confess I love capturing anything involving kids, but I was truly honored to be able to capture the reactions of Landon and Donovan to seeing the beach for the first time! It was a bit chilly, but that didn't keep Landon from loving every minute of the sand and running from the waves in his Grandpa's arms! Donovan was not her usual brave self, but know that she'll warm up to the beach and ocean in no time during our upcoming vacation! I am counting down the days until Daytona in May with the entire family and look forward to capturing more great memories! Thanks again to Al and Scott, and of course all the Donovans for humoring me :)

Okay, so the first pictures are of the kiddos getting energy for the beach....

The next few are of Landon's reaction to the beach...he was SO excited!!!

So the next few are of Donovan's reaction to the beach...not quite the same, but we'll get her excited during the May trip!

She warmed up a bit while swinging in her uncles' hands!

Landon couldn't have been happier running from the waves! I can't wait to see what May brings!