Friday, November 20, 2009

A sampling...

At the requests and suggestions of some friends and others, I've decided to add a few pictures to begin showing some of my favorite photos...above is my dear friend Lauren...She is one of the most fun people to photograph as she is always willing to dance and show her excitement for life :)

My students and I traveled to NYC for one of their competitions, and we wandered the city during most free moments! They were patient with me and my need to photograph everything! Rockefeller Center during the evening was a fun place to play with different angles and settings!

Bella on the left, and Sir Chance on the husband and I adopted Bella this past summer as our first "child" - Chance is my parents' dog, and enjoys sleeping in, growling if you touch his ticklish spot, and eating Pupperoni. Bella enjoys sleeping, sniffing, and chewing on her weekly Nylabone.

My Dad and I were lucky enough to witness the launch of Atlantis, STS-129, on November 16. It was set to launch at 2:28 pm, and about 10 seconds later, my finger was busy snapping nearly 100 pictures. While it was only visible for less than a minute I tried to capture a few unique shots, and this ended up being one of my favorites. You can see the wind already moving the trail behind the shuttle, the sign at the entrance of the Visitor Complex, and the tiny speck of orange at the top which is the flames coming from the shuttle and fuel tanks. It was one of the most memorable and special days of my life, just after my wedding!

My husband's entire family was present for his graduation in Memphis - this picture is of his (and now mine, too!) precious niece. It was hard picking just one picture with her smile - they were all beautiful!

I love this picture of my parents! It was also taken the weekend of Sean's graduation on Mud Island in Memphis - My parents are amazing and very fun people to photograph...I'm so happy you can see their personalities in pictures :)

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